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3 & 5 Gallon PET Water Bottles

Complete the form to contact the manufacturer directly for a quote for 3 or 5 gallon PET water bottles prices and delivery estimate.

5 gallon PET water bottles prices cost showing bottles stacked ready to be ordered direct from manufacturer in Ohio, United States

PET Water Bottle Re-Order Request

Please complete the form to request water bottle re-order.

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Terms and Warranty

PAYMENTS & PAYMENT TERM: 50% payment due imediately to secure your place in production - 50% Due prior to shipping. Credit Card (3% fee) Check or ACH accepted at no charge.

QUOTE: Bottle & product quote valid 30 days from date of proposal. Freight quote valid for 10 days. If your order is shipped 10 days after the quote is given, there could be a + or - 10% difference in the final freight costs.

FREIGHT: Prior to your invoice being sent to you, you will be contacted with a solid freight quote. When you approve the freight quote, we will issue your invoice.

Warranty is applicable during shippinig and for 5 days after product is received and/or after 1 wash cycle at a tempurature of 135F or less. Buckeye Bottles will not be responsible for excessive heat wash or storage conditions that damage the bottle. To receive a credit for damaged bottles, customer must provide a picture of the date code on the bottom for each damaged bottle and a picture of the damage incurrred to the bottle that merits a factory defect and a credit. If bottles were damaged during shipment, at no fault of Buckeye Bottles or the buyer, Buckeye Bottles will replace your bottles at no charge and file the claim with the shipping company. Pictures of damage and date codes are required for this and all damages incurred.