Buckeye Bottles LLC - Ohio Based Manufacturer Of PET Water Bottles For Water Delivery Services. 

PET Water Bottle Manufacturer

Planks of PET 5 gallon water bottles ready to be shipped to water delivery services in OH, PA, MI, WV, VA, KY, IN, NJ, NC, SC

We Know Water & Water Delivery Bottles

Buckeye Bottles, LLC acquired Waterite/Franklin Electric US bottle manufacturing division in 2022. Buckeye Bottles has combined the Waterite/Franklin Electric Florida and Ohio bottle manufacturing divisions into one central location in Grove City, OH. Buckeye Bottles, LLC continues to produce the same sturdy PET bottle, using the same dependable form that was previously used by Waterite and Franklin Electric for many years.

As a U.S. based water bottle producer, Buckeye Bottles LLC manufactures 5 gallon PET water bottles for water delivery services throughout the United States. 

Our PET water bottle manufacturing plant is located in the heart of the Midwest in Grove City, Ohio, USA.