5 Gallon PET Water Bottle Specifications

TYPE: 18.9L PET water storage bottle
Model#: PETB1*L730 and variants

Bottle Material: PET #1 – CZ-328 (BPA FREE)

Handle Material: Polypropylene

Dimensions: 272mm x 472 mm (10.7″ x 18.58″)

Fluid: Potable Water Only

Max Fluid Temp: 35°C (95° F)

Max Cleaning Temp: 130°F

5 Gallon PET water delivery bottles on the floor of the manufacturing plant in Ohio

Recommended Cleaning

A warm water wash at a temperature between 60° and 65° Celsius, with FDA approved chemical sterilizing solution of an appropriate strength to provide disinfection shall be applied either through spray or immersion to effectively clean all product contact surfaces, with a minimum wash time of 1 minute.

The cleaning solution shall be drained and followed with a potable water rinse-to-drain for the removal of all residual cleaner alkalinity. This step may be supplemented by the application of an acidified rinse prior to the potable water rinse in order to neutralize any residual alkalinity on product contact surfaces.

5 Gallon PET Water Bottle Design Specifications

5 Gal PET Water Bottle Design Specifications

Our 5 Gallon PET water bottles are designed with quality and functionality in mind for use and reuse by water delivery services.