Water Delivery Water Bottles

3 Gallon PET Water Bottles

BPA-free 3 Gallon PET Water Bottles intended for u-fill and professional bottling operations.

5 gallon PET water bottles prices cost showing bottles stacked ready to be ordered direct from manufacturer in Ohio, United States

BPA-free 3 Gal PET Water Bottles

Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly BPA-Free 3 gallon PET water bottles for water delivery services, u-fill, and professional bottling operations. Designed specifically for robotic loaders, these bottles are strong and shatter resistant, blown from extra-heavy duty preforms for long service life.

Buckeye Bottles, LLC acquired Waterite/Franklin Electric US bottle manufacturing division in 2022. Buckeye Bottles has combined the Waterite/Franklin Electric Florida and Ohio bottle manufacturing divisions into one central location in Grove City, OH. Buckeye Bottles, LLC continues to produce the same sturdy PET bottle, using the same dependable form that was previously used by Waterite and Franklin Electric for many years.
5 Gallon PET water delivery bottles on the floor of the manufacturing plant in Ohio

Logistics and Delivery Options

Buckeye Bottles can utilize our freight delivery methods or use your preferred method to get your 3 Gallon PET Water Bottles to your water bottling plants.

5 Gallon PET Water Bottle Design Specifications

5 Gal PET Water Bottle Design Specifications

Our 5 Gallon PET water bottles are designed with quality and functionality in mind for use and reuse by water delivery services.