5 gallon PET water bottles stacked on pallets ready to be ordered direct from manufacturer in Ohio, United States

Water Bottle Manufacturer

Premiere manufacturer in the Midwest of PET 5 gallon water bottles for water delivery services.

PET Water Bottles

Highly durable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottles for water delivery services. Buckeye Bottles is a water bottle manufacturer that cares about the environment, therefore we recycle scrap materials from the production of our PET 5 Gallon water bottles as well as our PET 3 gallon water bottles. Additionally, PET water bottles are highly recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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Bottles Without Handles

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Bottles With Handles

Advantages of PET Reusable Water Bottles


Environmentally Friendly

We are a manufacturer of environmentally friendly PET water bottles.

Save the ocean

Delivery Industry Standard

Buckeye Bottles PET water bottles are the industry standard for water delivery bottles, utilizing only.

Keep It Clean

Reduce Waste

Refillable water bottles for water delivery services save money and reduce waste.

Durable & Reusable

Highly Durable & reusable water delivery bottles utilized by water delivery services.

preforms and PET 5 gallon water bottles at manufacturing plant in Ohio